EPE Foam (Expanded Polyethylene Foam)

Products are not only protected from damage by water, but also by chemicals, fungus and static. The superior properties of Expanded Polyethylene Foam along with its abilities to absorb a large amount of shock, give rise to it as a necessity when handling and shipping products.

  • Packing and cushioning material for light electrical applicants and precision machine parts.
  • Packing and cushioning material for glass and ceramics.
  • Surface protective material for stainless steel product, plated product and aluminium construction material
  • Thermal insulating for the roof and air condition
0.50 mm1,300 mm300 m No LaminateWhite/Blue/Pink
0.50 mm1,300 mm300 mNo LaminateWhite/Blue/Pink
0.50 mm1,500 mm300 mNo LaminateWhite/Blue/Pink
1.00 mm1,300 mm150 mNo LaminateWhite/Blue/Pink
1.00 mm1,500 mm150 mNo LaminateWhite/Blue/Pink
1.50 mm1,300 mm150 mNo LaminateWhite/Blue/Pink
2.00 mm1,300 mm150 mNo LaminateWhite/Blue/Pink
3.00 mm1,000 mm100 mNo LaminateWhite/Blue/Pink
5.00 mm1,000 mm100 mNo LaminateWhite/Blue/Pink
8.00 mm1,000 mm50 mNo LaminateWhite/Blue/Pink
10.00 mm1,000 mm50 mNo LaminateWhite/Blue/Pink
plank foam

Plank Foam are excellent for cushioning and shipping heavy items. Custom sizes of foam plank can be developed to offer exceptional shock absorption and vibration dampening.


50mm(T) x 610mm(W) x 2750mm(L) Density 21kg/m3
50mm(T) x 610mm(W) x 2750mm(L) Density 28kg/m3
50mm(T) x 610mm(W) x 2750mm(L) Density 35kg/m3
50mm(T) x 610mm(W) x 2750mm(L) Density 64kg/m3

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