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POF Shrink Film is a popular film used for packaging general products. Suitable for consumer goods, cosmetics, and any kind of product exported to foreign countries that have strict chemical regulations affecting human health. This type of plastic is non-toxic and features a soft, sticky texture.


Aluminium Blister Foil suitable for hard packing of medical and pharmaceutical products such as pills, capsules, and tablets. The aluminum foil usually has a thickness of 25-28 micron. For heat sealing with PVC/PVDC and ALU ALU


EPE Foam can protect goods from damage and also cushioning products between transportation. Thickness made to customer requirement the superior properties of EPE Foam alone with its abilities to absorb large amount of shock & static give rise to EPE Foam as necessity when handling and shipping articles.


ESD Bag Designed for packaging products that are very sensitive to low-level static discharges. The bags have an inner layer designed to prevent charge build up and an outer layer designed to provide static shielding to protect contents from external sources of static charge.

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About Us


Flexipack Limited was founded in 2003 to serve the industrial packaging needs for industrial applications.
Flexipack Group is one of the comprehensive industrial flexible packaging, contract manufacturers, & with our latest development into the cleanroom & antistatic specialized products (with cleanroom facilities) in this region. We specialize in plastic packaging and offer our customers and business partners high-quality products and consistent support services.

FlexiPack Limited

Why Flexipack?

Quite simply, we provide a comprehensive range of quality and products in and coupled with excellent service.Through business expansion and acquisitions, we have expanded our capabilities and increased our product range with the aim to be a “One-stop Solutions Provider” in the packaging industry and contract manufacturing.

Professional and experienced sales team

Establishing, forging, and maintaining strong customer relationships, we endeavour to achieve total customer satisfaction, customercentric services, reliability and high ethical standards.

R&D (Research and Development Team)

Our production equipment possesses many advanced feathers created and designed in house or which various patents are held.

Circular Way

With FlexiPack, we are proud to contribute towards a circular economy. We aim to reduce waste and emissions, and actively improve the environment.

One Stop Packaging Solution


With service branches through out the major industrial zone is capable of Providing Reliable, Dependable and Flexible delivery service with its own sales & service facilities, with management experience in the industry

About Us

Our Experience

Flexipack is one of the comprehensive industrial flexible packaging, contract manufacturer, plastic for packaging specialist with our latest development

FlexiPack Limited was founded in 2003
More than 21 Years’ experience
Serve the industrial packaging needs for industrial applications

We are committed to customer satisfaction: strict quality standards cost-efficiency excellent service

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