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Polyolefin Shrink Film (POF Film)

POF Shrink Film (Polyolefin)

The POF Shrink Film (also known as shrink wrap or shrink plastic) is a popular film used for packaging general products. It’s especially suitable for consumer goods, cosmetics, and any kind of product exported to foreign countries that have strict chemical regulations affecting human health. This type of plastic is non-toxic and features a soft, sticky texture. Its clarity and brilliance make it perfect for clearly viewing the product inside, such as when wrapping cosmetic boxes, food containers, books, CD cases, and it’s recyclable, maximizing utility at a cost-effective price.

Distinctive Features of POF Shrink Film

  • The film is thin, clear, and softly flexible.
  • It’s strong, not fragile, and consistently shrinks when exposed to heat. This film can shrink more than 75% upon heating.
  • It’s sticky and elastic, ensuring a tight seal even in colder environments.
  • Odorless, free from contaminants, and non-toxic (Non Toxic).
  • Can be recycled, ensuring maximum utility at a budget-friendly cost.

POF Shrink Film Production Formats

  • Single sheet rolls.
  • Double folded side rolls.
  • Tubular rolls.
  • Bags (both open-ended and single open-ended types).
  • Can be printed with up to 8 colors.
  • Produced in thicknesses ranging from 10 – 50 microns.
  • Available in widths ranging from 100 – 1500 millimeters.

How many types of POF shrink films are there?

There are four types of POF shrink films available in the market:

    1. POF Shrink Film Regular: This is the standard shrink film commonly used to package products to protect the product surface. The film itself doesn’t have particularly notable properties; it’s thin, clear, and environmentally friendly. Suitable for general packaging such as cosmetic boxes, food supplement boxes, books, yogurt, sour milk, and so on.

    2. POF Shrink Film Cross-Linked: Next is the POF shrink film that undergoes a cross-linking process, which enhances the film’s strength and durability. It doesn’t tear easily, retains its shrinking properties, and is still thin and clear. Suitable for products with unique shapes like balls.

    3. POF Shrink Film High Performance: This POF shrink film has a high slip quality suitable for high-speed shrink packing machines. It has strong sealing marks, making it appropriate for semi-finished noodle products.

    4. POF Shrink Film Anti-Fog: Lastly, this POF shrink film is specially formulated to prevent fog or condensation from forming on the product, especially for fresh food items like vegetables, fruits, meats, and frozen ready-to-eat meals.

Benefits of using POF shrink films for your business

  • It’s a versatile packaging material. POF shrink films can be used for a wide range of products, including food, drinks, cosmetics, and electronics.
  • The film’s thickness, width, and length can be customized by the manufacturer, making it suitable for businesses and brands.
  • POF shrink films are highly transparent, allowing consumers to easily view the product inside, which is a significant selling point for businesses wanting their customers to see the product before purchasing.
  • They are durable and resistant, preventing tears, punctures, and other damages. It can effectively protect products during transport and storage.
  • It can package products in various ways, especially when sealed with heat, ensuring the product inside remains fresh and retains its quality.
  • Protects products from various factors like moisture, dust, and other contaminants.
  • More affordable than other packaging materials, thus saving costs for the business.
  • POF shrink films are a highly beneficial packaging solution for businesses. With its versatile properties, it can effectively protect the products inside, creating a good impression on consumers, aiding in their purchasing decisions. Most importantly, it offers a cost-effective investment compared to other materials, undoubtedly providing valuable returns for your business.
Densityg/cm³Digital Balance0.90 – 0.920.92
Tensile Strength (MD)N/mm²D882110115115110110957580150
Tensile Strength (TD)115110110105105907760154
Elongation (MD)%95100115120125130131187262
Elongation (TD)9095110115115125122175244
Seal Strength
MD/Hot Wire SealN/mmF880.60.750.650.811.
TD/Hot Wire Seal0.650.750.680.861.
COF (Film & Film)
Dynamic D18940.1 –
Static0.1 –
Haze D1003≥
ClarityD1746≥ 9098.598.098.598.
Gloss @ 45 DegD2457≥ 70828285.587.083.581.578.075.091.0
Oxygen Transmission Ratecc/m² / dayD39851440011800113001080072005400450045084506
Water Vapor Transmission Rategm/m² / dayF1249554845.538.526.522.520.520.520.5


With antistatic additive to protect ESD sensitive contents from electrostatic fields and electrostatic discharges(ESD)