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Packaging is considered an important thing that makes products look beautiful, increases the price, and also helps protect the contents inside as well. There are many types of packaging. But one type that should be paid special attention to is food grade, or packaging suitable for containing food or medicine that has a beneficial effect on consumers. and have a positive impact on the world so as not to waste time Let’s take everyone to get to know more about food grade packaging.

Get to know food grade (Food Grade)

Food grade is a ranking of packaging quality that is suitable for food and medicine. or is suitable for consumption There are no chemicals involved in the production of the packaging. This allows those who purchase the product to be confident that it is absolutely safe for consumers.

How important is food grade in packaging?

  1. Choosing to use food grade packaging shows that the seller cares a lot about the consumer. Once consumed, it is 100% safe.
  2. Choosing this type of packaging will create a good image for the brand that cares about consumers.
  3. Food grade packaging is considered a production that focuses on being environmentally friendly. Because these packaging can also be recycled.

What types of businesses is food grade suitable for?

For food grade packaging, it is suitable for many types of businesses and products. that consumers must use for eating, applying, and many others, which can be summarized as follows

  • food
  • drink
  • drug
  • food supplement
  • cosmetics

Food grade materials that are popular today

1. Paper

Paper counts as many things. Brands often choose to use it in packaging. The obvious paper is the choice of brown kraft paper. that may be used as a food bag or put products that make it appear to add value and most importantly, it shows good environmental friendliness. because it can be digested naturally


Polypropylene is a plastic that is safe, tough, and can be molded into various shapes. This type of packaging is often suitable for use in food packaging. whether it is a square box or it can be a plastic bowl with a lid as well. which can be heated in the microwave but not suitable for reheating frozen food Basically, this type of selection should be food that is already cooked. Put containers and deliver more than

3. PET : (Polyethylene Terephthalate)

Polyethylene Terephthalate is considered a quality plastic that is tough, durable, flexible, resistant to impact. This plastic is usually suitable for packaging drinking water. Drinks and food containers, etc. In addition, it is also suitable for coating food boxes as well. But if it’s plastic, it shouldn’t be exposed to heat. because it will dissolve

4. HDPE : (High Density Polyethylene)

Hi-Density Polyethylene It is considered durable plastic. Highly flexible Reduces shock very well Can withstand heat to a certain extent. and can withstand cold to a certain extent If it’s too hot, this plastic will melt. But if it’s too cold, this plastic can become brittle and break. Most of them are made into bags for storing things. and then molded into gallon bottles

5. LDPE : (Low density polyethylene)

Lowden City Polyethylene It is considered very durable. Resistant to tearing force very well Not brittle and easily broken Suitable for use in cold items such as storage bags or commonly known as cooler bags. frozen food bag in terms of heat, it will be less bearable. But it’s not that I couldn’t stand it until it melted immediately.

In conclusion, food grade is considered the safest packaging for consumers. There is no need to be afraid of chemicals or contaminants and if you are looking for a brand that provides service packaging production We recommend that you come and use the services of Flexi-Pack, experts in packaging design to meet your needs. and can be used for business with a beautiful and impressive image.