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Closed Cell Chemical Cross-Linked Polyethylene Foam has many good properties …


EPE FOAM INSULATION & AIR BUBBLE INSULATIONEPE Foam is the thermal insulation which is made from synthetic polyethylene by using advance technology. It’s thermal conductivity is a low as 0.30 w/mk. The structure is composed of small closed cells evenly hold tie together which make the foam to have very low permeability. Polyethylene has the property of chemical resistance, fire retardant low smoke emission non toxic and durability. Standard size ThicknessWidthLength 3 mm.1.3 m.50 m. - 100 m. 3, 4, 5 mm.1.3 m.50 m. - 100 m. 5 mm.1.3 m.50 m. - 100 m. 10 mm.1.3 m.50 m. - 100 m. 25 mm.1.3 m.50 m. The resistance to heat transfer R - ValueM2.k./W5mm * 3.3510 mm. - 3.52 Hr.ft2of / btu19.0220 Calculation is made according to ashrae 2001 : R - Value : means resistance to heat flow (Under typical roof)


EPE Foam (Expanded Polyethylene Foam)Products are not only protected from damage by water, but also by chemicals, fungus and static. The superior properties of Expanded Polyethylene Foam along with its abilities to absorb a large amount of shock, give rise to it as a necessity when handling and shipping products. application Packing and cushioning material for light electrical applicants and precision machine parts. Packing and cushioning material for glass and ceramics. Surface protective material for stainless steel product, plated product and aluminium construction material Thermal insulating for the roof and air condition THICKNESSWIDTHLENGTHLAMINATECOLOR 0.50 mm1,300 mm300 m No LaminateWhite/Blue/Pink 0.50 mm1,300 mm300 mNo LaminateWhite/Blue/Pink 0.50 mm1,500 mm300 mNo LaminateWhite/Blue/Pink 1.00 mm1,300 mm150 mNo LaminateWhite/Blue/Pink 1.00 mm1,500 mm150 mNo LaminateWhite/Blue/Pink 1.50 mm1,300 mm150 mNo LaminateWhite/Blue/Pink 2.00 mm1,300 mm150 mNo LaminateWhite/Blue/Pink 3.00 mm1,000 mm100 mNo LaminateWhite/Blue/Pink 5.00 mm1,000 mm100 mNo LaminateWhite/Blue/Pink 8.00 mm1,000 mm50 mNo LaminateWhite/Blue/Pink 10.00 mm1,000 mm50 mNo LaminateWhite/Blue/Pink PLANK FOAM Plank Foam are excellent for cushioning and shipping heavy items. Custom sizes of foam plank can be developed to offer exceptional shock absorption and vibration dampening. STANDARD SIZE PLANK FOAM 50mm(T) x 610mm(W) x 2750mm(L) Density 21kg/m3 50mm(T) x 610mm(W) x 2750mm(L) Density 28kg/m3 50mm(T) x 610mm(W) x 2750mm(L) Density 35kg/m3 50mm(T) x...


Air Bubble Anti-rustBubble Film is a flexible lightly cushioning packaging material with active corrosion protection due to anti-rust bubble it protects metal surfaces during transport against corrosion and the bubbles prevent the goods.   STANDARD SIZE Air bubbleWidth (mm)Length (m)Bubble size (m) Air bubble 2 layer1,300 - 1,50050 - 10010 - 25 Air bubble 3 layer1,300 - 1,50050 - 10010 - 25 Air bubble 5 layer1,000 - 2,00050 - 10010 - 25


Black Volume Conductive BagBlack conductive film meets electrical requirements. it is made from a single layer of carbon-loaded polyethylene and its conductivity does not depend on humidity does not contaminate components it comes in contact and is groundable. Black conductive bags and film must be a run at. 0035/004 mils to conform to the conductive film minimum required specification Properties: Color – Black Opaque-Printable Tensile Strength- > 1900 PSI ASTM D 882 Dart Impact-240 to 690 grams ASTM D 1709 Tearing Strength - > 400 lbs. Per inch ASTM D 882 Burst (Mullen) – 25 to 60 PSI ASTM D 774 products range: Bags Tubing Sheeting performance: Volume Resistivity ->29,550 OHMS/cm Surface Resistivity -> 29,500 OHMS/Sq Meet, ASTM S257 and is ROHS Compliant Back Conductive - MIL-P-82646 Applications: For packaging of static sensitive components PRODUCTION STYLE AVAILABLE: Bags: Bottom Seal / Side Weld Film: Tubing / Centerfold BLACK CONDUCTIVE FILM-MADE WITH POLYETHYLENE Zipper Single Wound Compartment Sheeting Double Wound Sheeting MATERIALS: Conductive carbon PE Materials. APPLICATION: Recommended for packaging of critical application. The material has low electrical resistance, and allows electrons to flow easily


Stretch Wrapping MachineTurn-table Type Auto-Wrapping Machine. The control mode of “LCD Panel + PLC + transducer + timer + signal switch” is adopted in the packer. The main electrical elements are import with the highest quality. It is characterized by stable and reliable performance, low failure rate, and equipped with functions of auto-control and self- diagnosis of system faults.   AP 10 : PRE-STRETCH MODEL THE MAXIMUM PRO-STRETCH RATIO OF 1:25 CAN SAVE COSTS UP TO 30% Model No. Tun Table Packing HeightWeight on Turn Table Power SupplyPowerMachine Weight AP 10 1650 mm 2200-2600 mm 2000 kg 200 v / 380 v1.5 kw600 - 800 kg

PVC & PVDC Rigid Film Packaging

PVC & PVDC Rigid Film PHARMACEUTICAL RIGID BLISTER PACK PVC / PVDC COMPOUND HARD FILM Product Name Width ≤100-600 mm Thickness of PVC0.20 mm - 0.45 mm Inner Core Diameter76 mm Outer Roll Diameter≤500 mm FunctionsBlister plastic, easy molding and heat sealing CharactersOur goods have transparency, less bubbles, veins and good molding, can heat seal with blister foil - Good barrier to oxygen, moisture and good thermoforming. - Application: Suitable for primary pharmaceutical blister packing products such as tablet, capsules which are moisture sensitive

Alu-Alu Foil / Aluminium Cold Forming Blister Oil

Alu Alu Foil / Aluminium Cold Forming Blister FoilAlu Alu foil is an excellent multilayered structure designed for highly sensitive range of pharmaceutical and generic medicines which are highly hygroscopic or light sensitive and cannot be suitably packed with barrier plastic films. It is hundred percent barriers to moisture, air, and gases, light and maximizes fracture-free forming capabilities and ensures “zero defects”. Superior process results in long term de-lamination resistance. APPLICATION Suitable for primary pharmaceutical blister packing products such as tablet, capsules, etc, which is sensitive to moisture penetration.   STRUCTURE    OPA Film micron25±10% Adhesiveg/m24±8% Aluminum Soft Foilmicron45-60±10% Adhesiveg/m24±8% PVC film micron60±10% Total Thicknessmicron130-145±10% Total Weightg/m2250±10%


Flexible Packaging (Laminate Bag)Sealing of flexible packaging : Roll Form Center Seal Three Side Seal Four Side Seal Standing Pouch Gusset Bag Addtional Zipper Additional Spout PRODUCT CATEGORY PACKAGING SAMPLE BAGGING Frozen Food and Vacuum ProductsFrozen seafood, Crab sticks, Sausages, Ice cream etc.Vacuum bag, Standing Pouch, 3 Side Seal Powder ProductsFlour, Milk Powder, Artificial Cream etc.3 Side seal, Gusset Pouch Liquid ProductsVegetable oil, Fabric Softener, Pesticide, Body Shampoo etc.Standing Pouch, Zipper Bag Instant Noodle ProductsInstant NoodlesCenter Seal, Gusset Bag Agriculture ProductsRice, Sugar Seeds etc.Center Seal, 3 Side Seal Chemical ProductsFood Coloring, Fertilizer etc.Center Seal, 3 Side Seal, Gusset Pouch, Standing Pouch Snack Food Products Potato Chips etc. Center Seal, Gusset Pouch Bread and ConfectioneryCandy, Chocolate etc.3 Side Seal, Gusset Pouch Retort ProductsCurry, Aloe Vera, Rice, Ready-To-Eat Food etc.3 Side Seal, Center Seal, Standing Pouch

Aluminium Blister Foil for Pharmaceutical Packaging

Aluminium Blister FoilAluminium blister foil suitable for hard packing of medical and pharmaceutical products such as pills, capsules, and tablets. The aluminium foil usually has a thickness of 25-28micron. It is heat seal coated on the bright side and print-treat coated on the matte side. All coatings are food safe, eco-friendly nature and meet USDA & FDA requirements for direct contact with food or pharmaceuticals. STANDARD SIZE   Alu Foil Thickess (mm) 0.025 - 0.028 0.02 - 0.023 Tolerance (mm)+/- 8% of AL foil Density (GSM/CC) 2.712.71 Alu Foil Wt (GSM) 6854 - 67 Alu Foil SurfaceMatt / Bright TemperHard Temper Primer (GSM) Max 1 - 1.5 Heat Seal Lacquer 3-5 GSM (Standard) 6-8 GSM (Special) PRINTING PROPERTIES  Colour1-4 Colour as Per Design Ink AdhesionTo Pass Scoth Test Printing SurfaceNon HSL Side Registration+/- 0.025 mm Other PropertiesResistance to Water, Heat, Abrasion OPERATION CONDITION  Temperature °C190 °C - 200 °C Pressure2.81-5.63 KG/SQ. CM Dwell Time0.25 to 0.5 SEC {{ vc_btn: title=Read+More&color=juicy-pink&css_animation=fadeInUp&el_class=popmake-21725 }}

Polyolefin Shrink Film International Supplier

POF Shrink Film (Polyolefin)This is a perfect shrink film Toxic Free. It can help you solve nearly all shrinking difficulties. Polyolefin has excellent low shrink temperature property. Its shrink temperature same as PVC shrink film. With a quick shrink, good seal strength and over 70% shrinkage, it can perform perfectly even under the worst shrink conditions. Polyolefin also has low shrink force function and good hot slit property. It is your best choice to pack easily transformative temperature sensitive products such as magazines, soft boxes, candies, chocolate and etc. Read our complete guide to understand more about POF Shrink Film. SPESIFICATION POLYOLEFIN SHRINK FILM TEST ITEMUNITSTM TESTSPECTYPICAL VALUES ThicknessMicronD654+/-391012151925304060 Densityg/cm³Digital Balance0.90 - 0.920.92 Tensile Tensile Strength (MD)N/mm²D882≥110115115110110957580150 Tensile Strength (TD)≥115110110105105907760154 Elongation (MD)%≥95100115120125130131187262 Elongation (TD)≥9095110115115125122175244 Tear MDgD1922≥6.58.510.514.517.523.530.53561 TD≥6.29.510.013.516.023.029.03258 Seal Strength MD/Hot Wire SealN/mmF88≥0.60.750.650.811. TD/Hot Wire Seal≥0.650.750.680.861. COF (Film & Film) Dynamic D18940.1 - Static0.1 - Optics Haze D1003≥ ClarityD1746≥ 9098.598.098.598. Gloss @ 45 DegD2457≥ 70828285.587.083.581.578.075.091.0 Barrier Oxygen Transmission Ratecc/m² / dayD3985≥1440011800113001080072005400450045084506 Water Vapor Transmission Rategm/m² / dayF1249≥554845.538.526.522.520.520.520.5 POF ANTISTATIC FILMWith antistatic additive to protect ESD sensitive contents from electrostatic fields and electrostatic discharges(ESD)


IXPE FoamIXPE (irradiation cross-linked polyethylene) foam is based on low density polyethylene as raw material, change to independent obturator meshed bubble structure by using electronic irradiation. It is a kind of continues foaming freely, smooth surface, closed-cell, independent, well-distributed, no water absorption, unlimited length and adjustable color and density soft foaming material. Compare with other similar foaming materials, the performance of IXPE is more excellent. Especially for environmental protection, sound insulation, water proof, moisture proof, shock absorption, cushioning, flexible, heat preservation, heat insulation, weatherability, aging resistant and lightweight. It can be compounded with aluminum film, aluminum foil, PE film or other materials, widely used in flooring underlayment. It is one of the most environmental protection, best sound insulation and moisture resistant product in flooring underlay   Excellent thermal insulation A high compressive strength Good flame retardant properties Excellent water resistance Excellent resistance to wet moisture effects Low cost


Shrink Pack MachineMANUAL OR PNEUMATIC SEALING & SHRINKING COMBINATION PACKAGES SCOPE OF APPLICATION Suitable of electrical products, hardware’s, software’s, food, printing products, floor boards, ceramics etc. Suitable for PVC, POF Film ModelFL-4535TBDFL-5545TBDFL-6560TBDFL-48075TBDSM-5030LX Mechanical Size L x W x H (mm)1520 x 1180 x 11701850 x 1180 x 13002015 x 1470 x 13002430 x 1550 x 13001800 x 990 x 1300 Tunnel Dimension////1500 x 500 x 300 Max Package Size L (mm)≤400≤500≤600≤8001300 x 400 x 250 Max Package Size W + H (mm)≤300≤400≤550≤7001300 x 400 x 250 Max Sealing Size L x W (mm)450 x 350550 x 450650 x 540850 x 700/ Packing Speed (pcs/min)20 - 3520 - 3520 - 3520 - 350 - 20m Conveyor Speed (m/min) Net Weight (kg)600800850930650 Power (kw) Power Supply1PH 220V/110V 50/60Hz1PH 220V/110V 50/60Hz1PH 220V/110V 50/60Hz1PH 220V/110V 50/60Hz3PH 220V/380V 50/60Hz Air Pressure (kg/cm)6 - 86 - 86 - 86 - 8/ Applicable FilmPOFPOFPOFPOFPOF Features Automatic product detection with photocells; two feeding types-manual and automatic; centrally-folder film available to be sealed on the three other sides to realize the fully automatic shrink wrapping Color Touch Screen Display interface (CTSDI) with working data processing ability and data memory enabling the operator to call up the needed data form...


EVA FoamEVA - EVA Ethylene vinyl acetate (also known as EVA) is the copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate. The weight percent vinyl acetate usually varies from 10 to 40%, with the remainder being ethylene. It is a polymer that approaches elastomeric materials in softness and flexibility yet can be processed like other thermoplastics. The material has good clarity and gloss, barrier properties, low-temperature toughness, stress-crack resistance, hot-melt adhesive waterproof properties, and resistance to UV radiation. EVA has little or no odor and is competitive with rubber and vinyl products in many electrical applications.


STRETCH FILM Antistaic Stretch Film Anti static stretch film is specially made to protect electronic and flammable products. It is used to make these instruments safe from static discharge. It is used for the products and parts that are sensitive to static electricity It is available in hand roll and machine grade films. VCI / Anti-Rust Stretch Film Stretch film is a plastic film used to secure, bundle, and stabilize products. Stretch film is made from linear low-density polyethylene. When applying the film is to be pulled and stretched around products to obtain tight and secured product loads. Stretch film comes in a variety of widths, thicknesses, and colors. We offer multiple varieties of stretch film to choose from in a wide array of widths and thicknesses. We ensuring the  highest quality possible. Colored Stretch Film Plank Foam are excellent for cushioning and shipping heavy items. Custom sizes of foam plank can be developed to offer exceptional shock absorption and vibration dampening. Hand Roll / Machine Roll / Non-Cling Hand Rolls Manual wrapping is in many cases the easiest and most efficient packaging. Machine Rolls Machine roll is produced in a variety of thicknesses and widths. Our range machine roll,...


Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)LDPE film is an abbreviation for low density polyethylene film. LDPE Bag is great for its great tensile strength, clarity, flexibility and water barrier. It is also resistant to most caustic compounds. It also provides the following benefits: high quality packaging at a low cost, quick lead times in manufacturing, a variety of printing options. High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)HDPE film is often used in many of the same applications as LDPE and LLDPE and in some cases it is blended with LDPE to modify its properties. HDPE is well suited for applications where a greater tensile and compression strength is needed and/or when higher stiffness and rigidity is required. Like LDPE, HDPE possesses excellent impact strength and corrosion resistance. Due to the low odor, high chemical resistance and inertness, many HDPE grades are suitable for packaging applications under FDA regulations. Due to the high boiling point, many grades can be sterilized in boiling water. Typical HDPE film applications include bags; liners; food and nonfood packaging; agricultural and construction films.


Square Type Cover Bag & LDPE / HDPE BagSQUARE TYPE COVER BAG, moisture nets to prevent dust and moisture bags made from LDPE plastic bag so it is tough and resistant to the environments as well. Produced a rectangle the size you want ease of use can be activated at anytime to cycle several time. Dust inside the factory loaded at large. The time to work a pallet packaging. Formulated to meet the objectives of most applications made to order requirements. MATERIAL : Plastic LDPE,HD Size : Width x Length x Height (Make to Order) THICKNESS : 0.05-0.150mm


Protection TapeProtective Tape, also referred to as Surface Protection Films, protect almost any surface against marring, chipping and scratching. Protective products are often used during manufacturing, packing and shipping.   BLACK/WHITE for aluminum composite panel, outside wall of buildings, ceramic plate, metallic fluorine with acrylic, emulsion adhesive system. CLEARfor painted color metal protection, plastic, glass, imitation wood, etc. BLUEfor floor, door, mirror, deep drawing, etc. EMBOSSfor plastic, name plate, metal, LCD case, etc. PRINTINGfor gravure, sash, company logo, etc. PERFORATIONregardless of printing, we specialize in regular interval perforation.


Air Bubble Clear / Air Bubble Anti-Static / Air Bubble InsulationAir bubble film better known as bubble wrap is a LDPE based film commonly used for packaging and protecting delicate products. This multilayer film encloses air within a bubble shaped hemispherical outer layer of film providing cushioning effect to fragile products. The added advantages of Air Bubble Film is that it isolates vibration and shock. application Packing and cushioning material for light electrical applicants and precision machine parts, glass and ceramics. Surface protective material for stainless steel product, plated product and aluminum construction material. Thermal insulating for roof and air condition. list of products under air bubble pe film category General purpose air bubble film Air Bubble Anti-Static VCI (Anti-Rust) Air Bubble Film Air Bubble Film Laminated with EPE Foam Air Bubble Film Laminated with Corrugated Paper Air Bubble Film Laminated with Foil


BOPP Heat Sealable FilmBOPP heat sealable film is widely used in packaging printing and laminating for food and non-food application. It has both side heat sealable properties and specially developed to suit high speed packaging machine. cigarette case envelopes candy, chewing gum, Lozenge tea and coffee boxes straw cosmetics spoon and fork SPECIFICATION OF PRODUCT   Thickness (mm) Width (mm)Length (m) 15 mm20 mm - 1000 mm1000 m - 6000 m 18 mm 20 mm - 1000 mm1000 m - 6000 m 20 mm20 mm - 1000 mm1000 m - 6000 m 22 mm20 mm - 1000 mm1000 m - 6000 m 25 mm20 mm - 1000 mm1000 m - 6000 m 30 mm20 mm - 1000 mm1000 m - 6000 m 40 mm20 mm - 1000 mm1000 m - 6000 m


What is VCI?Volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCI) are a type of corrosion inhibitor that is used to protect ferrous materials and non-ferrous metals against corrosion or oxidation where it is impractical to apply surface treatments. They slowly release chemical compounds within a sealed airspace that actively prevents surface corrosion. VCI bubble bags and VCI bubble wrapVCI Bubble Bags provide the ideal way to protect high precision metal finishes from marring, scratching, and corrosion while in transit or storage. bags are constructed in two or three layers of extruded vci film for maximum protection. Corrosion Protection The slow release vapor action protects the exterior as well as hard-to-reach interior surfaces of metal parts,corrosion protection and making it ideal for storage and overseas shipments. Applications Electronics, Bearings, Precision Parts & Automotive. VCI Stretch Film Stretch Film which contain Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI). It wraps and protect metal items from corrosion and damage in storage and shipping. It is ideal for machine-stretch applications on large, irregularly shaped or bundled item APPLICATION Metal - Coils / Sheets/ Pipes / Tubes/ Wires etc. Automotive - Pistons / Connecting Rod / Crankshafts / Camshafts / Engine assembly etc. Engineering - Palleted Castings / Forgings / Machined parts,...

Heat Sealable Aluminium Moisture Barrier Bag

aluminium moisture barrier bag / MBB bagCleanroom Packing / ESD Moisture Protective Packaging / Medical Packaging / Protective Packaging Moisture barrier bags, also known as foil bags, metallized bags and sometimes provide moisture, corrosion and shielding protection for sensitive components. They are an effective packaging solution to protect against corrosive damage caused by humidity, moisture, oxygen, aromas, grease and other airborne contaminants. These bags are heat sealable and suitable for vacuum packaging. Most contain Polyester (PET) for puncture resistance. The metallic layers provide shielding from Electrostatic Discharge (ESD). Barrier bags are mainly used to package ESD sensitive devices before they get placed on a circuit board. types of moisture barrier bags Metallized Barrier Bags Foil Barrier Bags Nylon Foil Barrier Bags High Puncture Barrier Bags


Static shielding bag / ESD bagTransparent Metalized Static Shield Bags are designed for packaging products that are very sensitive to low-level static discharges. The bags have an inner layer designed to prevent charge buildup and an outer layer designed to provide static shielding to protect contents from external sources of static charge. Bags are dark in color but transparent enough to allow for parts to be identified without opening bags. Static Shield Bags come in zip-lock or open-end styles and meet or exceed the electrical and physical requirements of MIL-B-81705 Rev. C TYPE III, EIA 541, EIA 625, MIL-HDBK-263, MIL-STD 1686, and EOS/ESD standards.

Flexi-Pack is proud to provide our clients with a grand selection of high-quality products, each of which is perfect for the job/s it was intended for. We are always striving to find new packaging products which can best serve our customers and afford them as much information as we can regarding the product. We like to be as transparent as possible so that customers will know exactly what to expect when they purchase a packaging product through us – take our Aluminium Blister Foils for example:

This product is used widely throughout Europe in the pharmaceutical industry. Aluminium foil is a ‘push-through’ product which is perfect for storing tablets and capsules in a safe and dry packaging. It typically has a thickness of around 25-28 microns (or 15mcn on request) The aluminium is rather tough, which makes pushing the pills through the opening much more effective. Typically speaking, only the aluminium print side features any design or printed writing, however you can print on the heat-sealing lacquer side if you would prefer.

The main benefits of using Aluminium Blister Foil is the fact that it is great for preservation and keeping the product fresh. In addition to that, it’s safe and easy to use, in a non-toxic fashion. At Flexi-Pack, our foils are designed for product protection, convenience and of course, a consistence of quality which we promise to our customers.

Order your Aluminium Blister Foil from us to take advantage of the following features: Moisture resistance, top-quality, durability, long-lasting and cost effectiveness. Simply put, our aluminium blister foil packaging does exactly as it’s intended, without any cause for issues or concern.

Aluminium Blister Foil is industry effective and economically viable. It’s suitable to maintain the purity of products, ideal for travelling and portability and highly convenient for certain products which have to be consumed in a particular cycle. Typically speaking, our Aluminium Blister Foil packaging will be accompanied with printed card, which is perfect for showing off the aesthetic appeal of your brand and product, but also for protecting the aluminium foils in transit.

So, are you looking for the highest quality Aluminium Blister Foil for your products? With everything listed above, you can rest assured that you’ll be entirely satisfied with our packaging solutions. There’s a lot of information to digest, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed by it all, please feel free to get in contact with us today – we’re always happy to help. Our team of professional sales assistants are knowledgeable and will be able to help you find the solution to your packaging requirements.