What is VCI?

Volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCI) are a type of corrosion inhibitor that is used to protect ferrous materials and non-ferrous metals against corrosion or oxidation where it is impractical to apply surface treatments. They slowly release chemical compounds within a sealed airspace that actively prevents surface corrosion.

VCI bubble bags and VCI bubble wrap

VCI PLASTIC 2VCI Bubble Bags provide the ideal way to protect high precision metal finishes from marring, scratching, and corrosion while in transit or storage. bags are constructed in two or three layers of extruded vci film for maximum protection.

Corrosion Protection
The slow release vapor action protects the exterior as well as hard-to-reach interior surfaces of metal parts,corrosion protection and making it ideal for storage and overseas shipments.

Electronics, Bearings, Precision Parts & Automotive.

VCI Stretch Film


Stretch Film which contain Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI). It wraps and protect metal items from corrosion and damage in storage and shipping. It is ideal for machine-stretch applications on large, irregularly shaped or bundled item


  • Metal – Coils / Sheets/ Pipes / Tubes/ Wires etc.
  • Automotive – Pistons / Connecting Rod / Crankshafts / Camshafts / Engine assembly etc.
  • Engineering – Palleted Castings / Forgings / Machined parts, Bearings, Spare parts, Tools.
  • Pumps, Machine Over wrapping.
  • Electrical and Electronics – PCBs, Relays, Panels, etc.
  • Defense – Marine / Aerospace equipments and parts and many more…

Flexi-Pack is proud to provide our clients with a grand selection of high-quality products, each of which is perfect for the job/s it was intended for. We are always striving to find new packaging products which can best serve our customers and afford them as much information as we can regarding the product. We like to be as transparent as possible so that customers will know exactly what to expect when they purchase a packaging product through us – take our Aluminium Blister Foils for example:

This product is used widely throughout Europe in the pharmaceutical industry. Aluminium foil is a ‘push-through’ product which is perfect for storing tablets and capsules in a safe and dry packaging. It typically has a thickness of around 25-28 microns (or 15mcn on request) The aluminium is rather tough, which makes pushing the pills through the opening much more effective. Typically speaking, only the aluminium print side features any design or printed writing, however you can print on the heat-sealing lacquer side if you would prefer.

The main benefits of using Aluminium Blister Foil is the fact that it is great for preservation and keeping the product fresh. In addition to that, it’s safe and easy to use, in a non-toxic fashion. At Flexi-Pack, our foils are designed for product protection, convenience and of course, a consistence of quality which we promise to our customers.

Order your Aluminium Blister Foil from us to take advantage of the following features: Moisture resistance, top-quality, durability, long-lasting and cost effectiveness. Simply put, our aluminium blister foil packaging does exactly as it’s intended, without any cause for issues or concern.

Aluminium Blister Foil is industry effective and economically viable. It’s suitable to maintain the purity of products, ideal for travelling and portability and highly convenient for certain products which have to be consumed in a particular cycle. Typically speaking, our Aluminium Blister Foil packaging will be accompanied with printed card, which is perfect for showing off the aesthetic appeal of your brand and product, but also for protecting the aluminium foils in transit.

So, are you looking for the highest quality Aluminium Blister Foil for your products? With everything listed above, you can rest assured that you’ll be entirely satisfied with our packaging solutions. There’s a lot of information to digest, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed by it all, please feel free to get in contact with us today – we’re always happy to help. Our team of professional sales assistants are knowledgeable and will be able to help you find the solution to your packaging requirements.