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How to start selling online?

In this article, Flexi-Pack will recommend as you are a beginner who wants to sell online. How to start? How should I prepare? Both in terms of funds, knowledge and various important processes in doing business online. Franchise business tree square composition with character of male businessman watering money tree with coins storefronts vector illustration

Want to sell things online? How to start?

1. Look for products or services you want to sell.

The first thing that you need to prepare for selling online for beginners is Looking for a product or service that you want to sell. Which should be based on the preferences or interests of the seller. Because when the seller understands the needs of the target group It will make it possible to accurately target customers who are interested in this type of product.

2. Consider the cost various risks

The next rank is Finding products from wholesale sources or manufacturers that offer good prices. because in addition to saving costs It also allows the seller to ask for product advice from knowledgeable people as well. But if you do not know the source of the product and accept the product to resell may ask or talk to the person who received the item for advice on where to source products or the type of product that should be sold which if talking together It may be possible to get more business partners as well.

3. Make a marketing plan

When specifying the products, you want to sell and find a wholesale source that offers a good price. The next rank is marketing planning to attract customers to be interested in our shop

  • Create a store name that is easy to remember. and communicates the products or services being sold
  • Set the product price in accordance with the quality of the product. and the purchasing power of the target audience
  • Make promotional promotions such as store opening promotions, free shipping, buy 1 get 1 free, etc.
  • Advertise on various platforms to make our brand more visible to customers.
4. Choose a sales channel.

Determine product sales channels to match the target group. It must be considered that Through what channels are our target groups likely to search for or purchase the same types of products that we sell? It should also make our sales channels across platforms look trustworthy and interesting. To give customers confidence and increase the chance that our store will receive attention and ultimately lead to an order

5. Shipping method

At present, there are delivery channels for both government and private sectors. and private sectors to choose from each company will have different strengths and weaknesses, so you should choose the shipping company that best meets the needs of your products. In addition, consideration should be given to the design and production of packaging. That helps preserve the quality of products from transportation as much as possible, such as glass products. The packaging should be designed to be tight. Supports shock well or products that are fresh or frozen food, you should choose packaging that helps preserve the coolness and quality of the food. Including choosing a company that offers transportation services by refrigerated vehicles, etc.

How to start? What do you need to prepare for? New traders, don’t forget to use this information in preparation. So that you are truly ready to sell online. The most important thing that should be paid attention to is the Packaging that indicates our store and the quality of the products delivered to the hands of customers because that’s good for credibility and the image of our shop that we send to customers.