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Packaging is an important component of the marketing process. Currently, there is an emphasis on producing products or services. It can be seen that the packaging has been upgraded to be even more interesting. because the product alone It’s not innovative. or new development Can’t tear off a lot Many people therefore come to focus on marketing by having packaging that is different to meet marketing needs.

The meaning of “packaging”

Packaging is something that has been produced in order to wrap products. Product protection Protect the product from external factors very well. cause less damage in addition, it helps to extend the shelf life of the product for a long time. And most importantly, the packaging still has many benefits. wide range of applications depending on the needs of the person

The function of packaging is

  • Protective packaging: In order to protect items or products, if it is a good packaging, it must maintain the quality of the product. Do not cause various effects on the product, such as keeping the product from transportation. Keep the goods from the weather, keep the goods from contamination, etc.
  • Packaging makes it easy to transport: packaging that is suitable will make it convenient to transport. Because each type of cargo needs to be stored differently. Each form will have a different process. As a result, the packaging must be designed to support the product properly, such as breakable products such as glass. put to use instead of general packaging, etc.
  • Packaging boosts sales: Packaging is the first thing consumers do. and customers will see the products as much as possible Therefore, the packaging has been designed with a beautiful shape. It stands out and attracts more people. If the packaging is well written about the properties of the product. It will make it easier for people to understand the product than other competitors’ products that are not listed.

Type of “packaging”

1. Plastic packagin

Many people have probably seen plastic packaging a lot. Most of which are divided into 6 forms, including polyethylene terephthalate plastic. Polypropylene plastic Polyvinyl chloride plastic High density polyethylene plastic Low density polyethylene plastic and polystyrene plastic

2. Paper packaging

Packaging Paper is made from different types of pulp with different properties. Depends on the quality of the paper used. The highlight is that it is environmentally friendly and biodegradable packaging. Can be recycled

3. Glass packaging

The glass packaging production process is produced through a heat process. to form into the desired shape The glass will be clear. Can be made into various colors as desired. It can be said that it is a packaging that emphasizes beauty, luxury, but can be easily broken as well. Therefore, it is not suitable to be used for transportation.

4. Aluminum packaging

Aluminum packaging is the strongest and it is durable to other factors such as weather conditions, foreign objects, and others, making it last for a long time. Often seen in products such as ready-made food or canned drinks, blister pack etc.

How does packaging help promote marketing?

Packaging, a tool that can communicate marketing Promote marketing very well Because you can type messages. or detailed information on the packaging, as well as being able to design stickers to place on the packaging in order to help create recognition for customers as well.

Summary of the article

It can be seen that packaging is very important to doing business, whether it is to protect products, make them safe, easy to transport, or add interest to products. Makes it easier for consumers to remember product brands and decide to buy products. For any entrepreneurs interested in designing quality packaging, we recommend choosing A factory that produces packaging that has experiences and will make packaging design add value to the product, increase customer satisfaction and is a great help in promoting the marketing of products