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Get to know food packaging, an important helper for the food industry.

The definition of “packaging” is the use of any kind of material as a container to package things inside. with various purposes Whether it is safe Maintaining product quality, beauty, and ease of use of the product as well. In the food industry business, Food Packaging is considered an important help in making consumers able to access their products. Today, Flexi-Pack will introduce you to food packaging or Food Packaging, what it is and how to use it. What materials can be used? And what standards should food business owners pay attention to?

What is food packaging or food packaging?

Food packaging or Food Packaging is a type of packaging that has been invented and developed to specifically support food products, whether it is food ingredients Fresh meat, vegetables, fruits and processed foods It is important that food packaging is clean and free of contaminants that are most harmful to humans.

The main functions and benefits of food packaging

The main function of food packaging is more than just packaging food products inside. Because good packaging must be clean and pure. Because it is a product that consumers use to eat, manufacturers must consider cleanliness and safety as their number one priority. which is an important norm resulting in other properties as follows

1. Protect the goods or food products inside. 

Product protection in this type of packaging must cover the preservation of nutritional value. Maintaining product quality from external weather conditions Prevent foreign substances such as dust, contaminants, insects, etc., so that the product is in a condition ready to be opened and eaten immediately. and processed into food menus

2. Convenient to transport and store.

Good food packaging must be very conducive to transporting goods. Because each type of product or food has different storage limitations. The business owner must design the packaging and specify the material specifications to be in line with the product as much as possible. So that transportation and storage can be done fully without affecting the quality of the product.

3. Can be marketed through packaging

In addition to storing and protecting products Packaging is also an important tool used for marketing. Because the first thing consumers will see before the actual product is the packaging. The more interesting the external appearance. and product labeling with complete and clear information Both factors can help make it more attractive to consumers and make purchasing decisions easier.

Food packaging materials that are popular today

In the food packaging industry, A variety of materials have been used in production. Each type has advantages, disadvantages, and limitations in use. and responds to use with products that have different appearances All materials are detailed as follows.

1. Plastic material

Plastic is one of the most popular materials used to make food packaging because it has durable properties. Some plastics can withstand high heat. It has a dense material that does not allow air and moisture to pass through, which can cause food quality to deteriorate. In addition, plastic is lightweight. And can be produced according to the desired shape and pattern. Examples of Plastic for food packaging that are commonly used to produce packaging include polyethylene terephthalate, polyethylene, polyvinyl. chloride, polypropylene, polystyrene, etc. Due to the variety of plastic types, it is one of the most popular materials used in the industry.

2. Paper material

Paper is a relatively new alternative material today. It started from paying attention to the degradation process of these materials. Because as everyone understands about plastics, there is a longer natural degradation process. and may have negative effects on the environment in the future Therefore, paper is picked up as a new alternative packaging that does not have to worry about degradation. And can be recycled as well. In terms of food packaging properties, it can be done to a certain extent. But may not be as durable or not as versatile as plastic.

3. Glass material

Glass is another material that has been popular for a long time. because it is a beautiful material that looks luxurious and premium Suitable for beverages, processed foods and snacks, etc. The glass can be reused many times. without causing harm to consumers but the disadvantage of this type of packaging is fragility. When hit or dropped, it breaks immediately. It is not as flexible as plastic and paper materials and has a higher production cost.

4. Metal material

Finally, with metal materials. It is a food packaging that is strong and resistant to corrosion because the metal body has been modified to be resistant to corrosion from oxygen and some chemicals. have a long service life It is popular for packaging soft drink products. Some types of processed food Can be recycled

Food packaging certification standards that must be given priority

To give trust to consumers All types of food packaging must pass certification standards from government and private agencies such as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) that controls management processes and hygiene within industrial plants and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System) that controls Manage food safety systems By controlling the critical control points (CCP) of production to guarantee that consumers will receive safety in use in terms of food cleanliness and free from any contaminants.

Food Packaging Summary

Food Packaging is the most important solution for food industry businesses because it is the only way that business owners can pass on products or goods to consumers in perfect condition and maintain complete nutritional value. Therefore, in selecting raw materials such as Plastic for food packaging and other suitable materials, design the packaging to be consistent with the product and certification standards of the packaging. This is something that business owners must do a lot of homework on.

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