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Product packaging or packaging is an important thing that all types of product business owners must consider. Because packaging is the only solution that can protect your products as safely as possible. Moreover, it also helps create a good experience for consumers. At present, EPE material or cushioning foam is a suitable choice. To help protect your products safely until they reach consumers. So, what is EPE? Today, Flexi-Pack will explain it to everyone in detail, from the type of foam to its application for businesses.

How is EPE material produced?

EPE material is thermoplastic resin or a type of plastic. That is popular in the plastic industry and is very important to the plastic industry. with a wide range of physical and chemical properties whether it is highly flexible It is resistant to various factors such as high heat resistance, moisture resistant, oils and chemicals. The texture of the EPE material is soft but gives strength and durability at the same time, and also gives a lighter weight than other types of plastic materials. Therefore, it is suitable for application in various industries, such as foam for product protection, making EPE foam pipes for mechanics and making EPE foam sheets.

In the production process of EPE material or EPE foam, the production process is the same as other types of foam. Starting with the main raw material called “Polyethylene” goes through a high heat melting process. and produce into small plastic pellets in a machine that uses water to cool and form into small pellets or EPE material. Hot and high pressure in order to melt it into EPE foam that is shaped according to the manufacturer’s shape. Can do both trimming shaping Including various additive coatings to achieve the desired properties. Most of which choose to add substances that help prevent static electricity for cushioning products in the category of electronic devices. The resulting foam sheet will have the ability to prevent shock as well. Ready to use for various businesses

Can EPE foam be recycled ?

One of the positive properties of EPE material is that it can be recycled multiple times. This means that this type of material can be processed over and over again. Through the process of melting with high heat, the use of EPE as a material helps reduce the amount of plastic waste. But there are limitations to recycling. Currently, there are very few providers who process or recycle EPE mechanically or use clean processes. As a result, EPE is largely disposed of in landfills rather than recycled.

Benefits of using EPE materials in industrial businesses.

1. Highly flexible and helps absorb shock well

Due to its superior flexibility than other types of foam, EPE foam can be used to absorb impact during transportation. Makes the product inside not easily damaged

2. Able to recover after being pressed or bumped

Another advantage of flexibility is the recovery of EPE foam when it is compressed or impacted. The foam can be used for a long time without having to worry about the product being packaged inside being damaged.

3. Has resistance to moisture and many chemicals

EPE foam has high chemical resistance and corrosion resistance. Especially substances that have acidic and alkaline effects. It also has the property of not allowing moisture to pass through, so no water is absorbed.

4. Has resistance to static electricity

EPE foam has excellent anti-static properties. This makes it easy for dust and small particles to cling to the surface. But if you want to use it with electronic equipment products Manufacturers can add special additives to it for greater resistance.

5. Has heat insulation properties

It is known that foam must have low thermal conductivity, making EPE Foam Insulation a material that has good thermal insulation capabilities. Does not cause the product inside to become hot.

6. Non-toxic and does not cause harm to humans

EPE is a pure material that does not contain any toxic substances. that cause harm to humans Therefore can be used for a variety of uses. It also helps inhibit the growth of fungi.

It is lightweight and can be chosen from 3 colors.

It is a lightweight material. Can be used for various applications flexibly and can be molded into any desired shape. You can choose the color you want, including white. pink and black to meet your needs as much as possible

What are the current applications of EPE materials ?

Used as a material to protect against shock of products such as glassware, porcelain, scientific instruments, electronic equipment, jewelry, etc. Used as heat insulation in heat-saving bags. and certain types of electrical appliances such as air conditioners and heater Used as a sealant and waterproofing material for construction work. It is a component of many types of life jackets and flotation devices.

Briefly about what is EPE ?

Good product packaging is something that industrial business operators should not neglect because it’s the only way to make your products as valuable and available to consumers as possible. Therefore, investing in cushioning materials like EPE is a cost-effective solution based on the impressions of buyers. Moreover, EPE can be used as the main raw material for many other types of products. For anyone looking for a manufacturer of cushioning materials, Flexi-Pack is ready to provide various solutions with you completely and definitely meets the needs of your business.