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Most consumers when choosing to buy a product, no matter what type. You will want products that have product seals, which can show that the products you have chosen are really new. No one has unpacked or used it before. It will help make a decision to buy more products. But in fact, there are many other advantages. If anyone owns a business that produces their own products, product sealing is therefore very important.

What is product sealing?

Product sealing is the act of encapsulating products in packaging or packaging. by choosing to use a thin shrink film. There is some clarity and turbidity. At this point it is also about the flexibility of the shrink film type. The film when heated will shrink and wrap the product according to the shape of the packaging.

Advantages of product sealing that entrepreneur must know.

Helps protect products from dirt and UV rays.

For product sealing, it helps to protect the product from dirt such as dust that may enter the product or packaging. which in this section will help to store the product, preventing various dusts from entering as well and can also prevent UV rays that may affect the product in terms of quality Sealing the product is therefore very important.

It is strong and durable.

Product sealing will increase durability for some types of products. For example, Bottled products are sold in packs. It can be seen that the shrink film is used that is tough and durable, making many bottles of product in the same place. It can be stored at room temperature or cold temperature where there is no need to fear that the shrink film that seals will melt.

Prevent counterfeiting of products

In sealing the product, it will show that the product received is new. But if it is removed the product itself may cause counterfeiting. For example, food seals, if found to be tampered with, buyers will immediately avoid purchasing them. various medical supplies If you find that the seal has been broken, you can avoid using it as well. At this point, the use of used products will be prevented. or prevent people from mixing things or transfer some of the products from the packaging

Makes product details clearly visible

To seal some products that need to be used to seal the coating, such as various foods. which is packaged very well at this point, buyers will be able to clearly see what’s inside. and decide whether to buy or not

Easy to store products

When it has been sealed, in any form, it will help to keep the product more organized. Convenient to pick up and take out of the warehouse easily, for example, if the seal is a dozen packs with many products, it will be convenient to move and transport in a short time. Or if sealing products that are in the shape of a bottle or sphere It will help in stacking them very well.

Convenient, easy to use

To seal products with shrink film, it is considered to be very easy to use and convenient. Normally, the manufacturing plant already has a sealing machine. The sealing machine will help seal the product to fit the product. for easy storage or even transportation

Customers are confident that they will receive new products.

Product sealing, the most obvious thing is that customers are confident that they will definitely get new products. because if the seal is found to be opened, of course the customer will not buy and thought that it was not a new product or even if it’s a new product but without a seal, it may unknowingly reduce the likelihood of customers buying.

Summarize the advantages of sealing products

Sealing the product, whatever it is, is considered a good thing. That will help make your products always look new because they are not unpacked. And most importantly, it also protects and maintains products or packaging to be strong and durable. and can be easily stored Therefore, it is not surprising that many Brands that need to distribute products must have a seal first. And if sending online channels is very important Because if the seal has not been opened but damage is found, the product can be claimed from the store where it was purchased.