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In this era, online trading is something that can generate a lot of income. Because ordering things to be delivered directly to your home will be convenient and you won’t waste time going out to buy things yourself. Therefore, shipping companies have sprung up in a big way. Of course, delivering products to customers must be safe. Therefore, it is necessary to use shockproof envelopes or air bubbles to protect the product. But what are the differences between these two things? Let’s look at them together.

Known as “shockproof envelopes” and “air bubbles”

What is a shockproof case?

A shockproof envelope is an envelope that is similar to a document envelope that is flat. It can be a small envelope to a large one. But inside this envelope, there will be a cushioning insert. to protect the product from the inside As for packing, you can peel off the tape that is on the shockproof envelope and you can begin shipping.

What is an Air Bubble?

Air bubbles are plastic films that are passed through rollers with small holes. As the film passes through these rollers, it is sucked into the holes, forming air bubbles, which are then covered with another layer of film to retain air. inside This tablet will have air inside to help cushion. In most uses, it is used by wrapping products or items that need to be protected from shock as best as possible.

Compare the advantages of shockproof envelopes and air bubbles.

In the next section, we will compare the advantages of shockproof envelopes and air bubbles so that everyone can understand which one should be chosen that will help with the delivery of goods better. The advantages are detailed as follows.

Shockproof bag

  • Because the shockproof envelope is similar the document pocket makes it lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Using bubble wrap is suitable for products that are small and not too thick.
  • Shockproof envelope, use just put the product into it. and peel off the double-sided adhesive and close it, ready to ship
  • Using envelopes to protect against various shipping costs There will be a cheaper price compared to sending a parcel box.
  • Save time when packing and sending items compared to sending parcels.
  • Save money on packing products more than sending products via parcel.

Air Bubble

  • Air bubble cushioning is suitable for wrapping products that are very thick or large and need to be placed in a parcel box.
  • Air bubble wrap is usually wrapped in several layers, so it can ensure that while delivering the product, it will not damage the product. because there is an air bubble wrap There is also a parcel box wrapped in another layer.
  • Packing with air bubbles can protect the product better than bubble wrap. Although the items are small or flat.

Comparison of the drawbacks of protective sleeves and air bubbles

In the last part, there will be a comparison of the disadvantages of shockproof envelopes and air bubbles so that everyone will know which type is not suitable for what use. In order to avoid using The disadvantages are as follows.

Shockproof bag

  • Shockproof envelopes cannot hold large items. Or things that are very thick can go in there.
  • In the case that the item to be sent is much smaller than the envelope When moving or transporting, there may be movements inside. And may break in the event that the item is not durable.

Air Bubble

  • Packing products into parcel boxes, including using air bubbles to wrap. It will take a lot of time to pack. Because there are many steps that need to use air bubbles to wrap the product. Put the product into the parcel box and must be glued or tied with a rope, which is considered a lot of steps.
  • The budget used for packing will be more expensive than using shockproof envelopes.
  • Choosing to use air bubbles needs to be put into the parcel box, which is considered to be a waste of shipping legs, more expensive than bubble wrap.

In conclusion, which one should we choose to wrap the product with shockproof envelope or air bubble?

If you ask me when choosing a package, which one would you choose? First of all, you need to look at the products you want to send. What do you want to prevent shock or not? If wanting to send items fragile or not. If it’s easy, it’s better to use air bubble even if it’s a small item. But if the product is large and requires a parcel box, then you can choose air bubbles for delivery.