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Air Bubble Clear / Air Bubble Anti-Static / Air Bubble Insulation

Air bubble film better known as bubble wrap is a LDPE based film commonly used for packaging and protecting delicate products. This multilayer film encloses air within a bubble shaped hemispherical outer layer of film providing cushioning effect to fragile products. The added advantages of Air Bubble Film is that it isolates vibration and shock.


  • Packing and cushioning material for light electrical applicants and precision machine parts, glass and ceramics.
  • Surface protective material for stainless steel product, plated product and aluminum construction material.
  • Thermal insulating for roof and air condition.


List of products under Air Bubble PE Film category

  • General purpose air bubble film
  • Air Bubble Anti-Static
  • VCI (Anti-Rust) Air Bubble Film
  • Air Bubble Film Laminated with EPE Foam
  • Air Bubble Film Laminated with Corrugated Paper
  • Air Bubble Film Laminated with Foil