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What is blister foil?

Blister foil packaging tackles nearly all the issues concerning preservation and freshness of products. It is safe and user friendly hence, ideal for all types of medicinal wraps such as tablets and capsules. Resin for packaging applications is suitable for adhesive coat, heat seal and custom printed blister foil.

Blister foil is of high quality and is specially created for:

  • Protection of the product
  • Convenience at spilling the pills
  • The heat seal aluminum foils are coated on the bright side.

10 quick facts of blister foil packing

Here are some of the main facts of blister foil packaging:

  1. It is resistant to humidity and moisture, hence, increases the shelf life of pills and related products
  2. It is of a premium quality.
  3. It has thickness of 25-28 micron. This makes it highly durable.
  4. All coatings are food safe, eco-friendly nature and meet USDA & FDA requirements for direct contact with food or pharmaceuticals.
  5. It is long-lasting
  6. It is the most cost effective way of packaging than other types of packages in the market.
  7. This form of packaging helps in assuring customers that they are buying the right product since they can see through the packaging.
  8. It is both effective and economical. Not only blister foil is portable it is also convenient to use.
  9. It also helps in preserving the product from factory to shelf and finally to home.
  10. It is ideal for protecting pills/tablets/capsules from UV rays, humidity and contamination.

Blister foil is one of the many kinds of pre-formed plastic packaging. It is widely employed by packaging industry cross supplies, foods and pharmaceuticals.