9 New Products Using EPE Foam

Amongst all the foam materials, EPE foam is used widely for solving several industrial and residential needs. It is utilized for numerous functions due to their qualities that particularly suit their uses.

EPE foam is extremely flexible and is capable of offering a high degree of resilience. Due to this, the material is used in the making of lot of products. Some of the products using EPE foam are as follows:

  1. POLY-FOAM FOR SHIPPING HATCHING EGGS: The foam is so light that it protects the delicate eggs from ping/crash into each other. It takes very little time, pulling the piece and cutting it as per the requirement. Adding eggs, tapping and boxing it, finished. You will end up saving a lot of money when shipping. It is manufactured by Laizhou Chengxin Packing production factory.
  2. FOAM TUBE: It is perfect for heat insulation. Therefore, it is especially targeted for industries such as air-conditioning and refrigeration.
  3. POUCH BAG: It is quite durable and long lasting, hence pouch bag is one of its best fit. It is waterproof, light and soft. It is used for packing laptop and related accessories. It is manufactured by Guangdong Star New Material.
  4. BAGPACKS: Xiaomi has come up with a bunch of new and trendy backpacks. One of them is Mi City Backpack. The fabric is made up of water proof material with soft EPE foam lining on the straps.
  5. INFANT CAR SEAT: Infant car seat, Astro has a comfortable cushioning and the material makes it light to carry. It is good for the newborns as well as toddlers who prefers to have their own personal space during travelling.
  6. ALPHA MAT: Alpha mat is an all purpose exercise mat. It is not only simple to use but convenient to store as well. Plus, it takes up minimal space in closet.
  7. TRAMPOLINE: Bouncing on trampoline is a healthy lifestyle. And if all the family members joins the “healthy lifestyle”, it becomes a fun activity. EPE foaming goes right into the making of healthy lifestyle as the material is also used in making of trampolines.
  8. LIFE VEST: EPE foam has an important application in life jackets. Its soft, lightweight and durable polyester fabric makes it the first choice amongst swimmers – beginners as well professional.
  9. NET MACHINES: Cambodian company, Mong Reththy Group (MRG), has recently ordered EPE foam-net machines. Their aim is to envelop individual mangoes in soft packaging material for long-haul shipments.
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