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Let’s to know static electricity

Let’s to know static electricity? How impact to product? Static electricity is everything encounter in daily. Did you know? Static electricity can make damage product in the electronics industry and affect to very safety in produce system. So we information “What is static electricity?” “Any effect to products?” What is static electricity? Static electricity (Electrostatic Discharge – ESD) is electricity resulting from the imbalance between positive and negative charges within a material. How static electricity forms Form of static electricity will be occurrence when different atoms (imbalance between positive and negative charges) make contact with one another, when electrons negatively charge particles in an atom move form one material to another. If the electron receiving material is either isolated or not and electrical conductor, it tends to hold on to the electrons, resulting in buildup of electric charge. Since this charge is not moving, it is referred to as static electricity. The effects of static electricity to electronic devices. 1. Hazardous of flammable When two objects are scraped together with difference atoms (negative charge and positively charge) move from one material to another rapidly which can be hazardous of flammable if occurred in chemical industry. 2. Static electricity and dust problem. Two surfaces charged with different electrostatic charge (negative charge and positively charge), surfaces acquire a static charge, attracting dust affect to food, pharmaceutical and electronic industry. How static shielding bag protect to products? Static Shielding Bags are packaging that consists of several layers. And there is a layer that prevents electrical charges from destroying data in various parts. It is also designed to help protect electronic components from electrical discharges that can cause static electricity. Suitable for products that need to be shipped overseas. or products that are sensitive to static electricity, such as electronic circuit boards

How to use Shrink film for product

How to use Shrink film for product. Shrink film is plastic packaging make it look clean and safe to use include convenience for transportation. Currently it is very popular because can use many products such as consumer packaging small and big package. What is Shrink Film. Shrink film produce from Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and Low density polyethylene (LDPE) use heat to shrink the plastic and adhere to the product for products hold together. Can put design on the film for beauty. There are Shrink film popular three types. Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) is most popular because low price and easy use. Texture is brittle and harder than other types of film. Polyolefin (POF) can good bear cool temperature but high price. Texture thin, clear and sticky suitable for packing is box. PE texture not clear, very flexible, sticky and not easy broken, can use machine with cool blow to shrink but not suitable heat blow. Characteristics of using shrink film Shrink film is a form of packaging that has many uses. Can be divided into 3 main issues as follows: General package Shink film very protect damage from transportation. However, up to type product. Show product inner package Shink film clear and gloss can see product. Add quality and cleanliness for foods product. Make label in product Shrink film texture soft hard, clear, gloss and sticky can use label in drinking water. How to use Shrink film correct. Stat the shrink film bag covers the product loosely and then put it through hot air 1,000-2,000W. step from bag mouth to edge of the bag. If use shrink machine recommend set up hot and speed of belt to match with product. What is the difference between Shrink film and Stretch film? Shrink film and Stretch film made of plastic and use packing product. Difference is feature. Stretch film feature is flexible and sticky can hold with product doesn’t leave glue stains and reduce bump. resistant to both hot and cold weather conditions. It also maintains good humidity. Shink film need heat blow to shrink to cover product but not protect bump and not treat humidity.

What is EPE and why is it important to industrial business?

Product packaging or packaging is an important thing that all types of product business owners must consider. Because packaging is the only solution that can protect your products as safely as possible. Moreover, it also helps create a good experience for consumers. At present, EPE material or cushioning foam is a suitable choice. To help protect your products safely until they reach consumers. So, what is EPE? Today, Flexi-Pack will explain it to everyone in detail, from the type of foam to its application for businesses. How is EPE material produced? EPE material is thermoplastic resin or a type of plastic. That is popular in the plastic industry and is very important to the plastic industry. with a wide range of physical and chemical properties whether it is highly flexible It is resistant to various factors such as high heat resistance, moisture resistant, oils and chemicals. The texture of the EPE material is soft but gives strength and durability at the same time, and also gives a lighter weight than other types of plastic materials. Therefore, it is suitable for application in various industries, such as foam for product protection, making EPE foam pipes for mechanics and making EPE foam sheets. In the production process of EPE material or EPE foam, the production process is the same as other types of foam. Starting with the main raw material called “Polyethylene” goes through a high heat melting process. and produce into small plastic pellets in a machine that uses water to cool and form into small pellets or EPE material. Hot and high pressure in order to melt it into EPE foam that is shaped according to the manufacturer’s shape. Can do both trimming shaping Including various additive coatings to achieve the desired properties. Most of which choose to add substances that help prevent static electricity for cushioning products in the category of electronic devices. The resulting foam sheet will have the ability to prevent shock as well. Ready to use for various businesses Can EPE foam be recycled ? One of the positive properties of EPE material is that it can be recycled multiple times. This means that this type of material can be processed over and over again. Through the process of melting with high heat, the use of EPE as a material helps reduce the amount of plastic waste. But there are limitations to recycling. Currently, there are very few providers who process or recycle EPE mechanically or use clean processes. As a result, EPE is largely disposed of in landfills rather than recycled. Benefits of using EPE materials in industrial businesses. 1. Highly flexible and helps absorb shock well Due to its superior flexibility than other types of foam, EPE foam can be used to absorb impact during transportation. Makes the product inside not easily damaged 2. Able to recover after being pressed or bumped Another advantage of flexibility is the recovery of EPE foam when it is compressed or impacted. The foam can be used for a long time without having to worry about the product being packaged inside being damaged. 3. Has resistance to moisture and many chemicals EPE foam has high chemical resistance and corrosion resistance. Especially substances that have acidic and alkaline effects. It also has the property of not allowing moisture to pass through, so no water is absorbed. 4. Has resistance to static electricity EPE foam has excellent anti-static properties. This makes it easy for dust and small particles to cling to the surface. But if you want to use it with electronic equipment products Manufacturers can add special additives to it for greater resistance. 5. Has heat insulation properties It is known that foam must have low thermal conductivity, making EPE Foam Insulation a material that has good thermal insulation capabilities. Does not cause the product inside to become hot. 6. Non-toxic and does not cause harm to humans EPE is a pure material that does not contain any toxic substances. that cause harm to humans Therefore can be used for a variety of uses. It also helps inhibit the growth of fungi. It is lightweight and can be chosen from 3 colors. It is a lightweight material. Can be used for various applications flexibly and can be molded into any desired shape. You can choose the color you want, including white. pink and black to meet your needs as much as possible What are the current applications of EPE materials ? Used as a material to protect against shock of products such as glassware, porcelain, scientific instruments, electronic equipment, jewelry, etc. Used as heat insulation in heat-saving bags. and certain types of electrical appliances such as air conditioners and heater Used as a sealant and waterproofing material for construction work. It is a component of many types of life jackets and flotation devices. Briefly about what is EPE ? Good product packaging is something that industrial business operators should not neglect because it’s the only way to make your products as valuable and available to consumers as possible. Therefore, investing in cushioning materials like EPE is a cost-effective solution based on the impressions of buyers. Moreover, EPE can be used as the main raw material for many other types of products. For anyone looking for a manufacturer of cushioning materials, Flexi-Pack is ready to provide various solutions with you completely and definitely meets the needs of your business.

Get to know “packaging, an important tool in marketing.

Packaging is an important component of the marketing process. Currently, there is an emphasis on producing products or services. It can be seen that the packaging has been upgraded to be even more interesting. because the product alone It’s not innovative. or new development Can’t tear off a lot Many people therefore come to focus on marketing by having packaging that is different to meet marketing needs. The meaning of “packaging” Packaging is something that has been produced in order to wrap products. Product protection Protect the product from external factors very well. cause less damage in addition, it helps to extend the shelf life of the product for a long time. And most importantly, the packaging still has many benefits. wide range of applications depending on the needs of the person The function of packaging is Protective packaging: In order to protect items or products, if it is a good packaging, it must maintain the quality of the product. Do not cause various effects on the product, such as keeping the product from transportation. Keep the goods from the weather, keep the goods from contamination, etc. Packaging makes it easy to transport: packaging that is suitable will make it convenient to transport. Because each type of cargo needs to be stored differently. Each form will have a different process. As a result, the packaging must be designed to support the product properly, such as breakable products such as glass. put to use instead of general packaging, etc. Packaging boosts sales: Packaging is the first thing consumers do. and customers will see the products as much as possible Therefore, the packaging has been designed with a beautiful shape. It stands out and attracts more people. If the packaging is well written about the properties of the product. It will make it easier for people to understand the product than other competitors’ products that are not listed. Type of “packaging” 1. Plastic packagin Many people have probably seen plastic packaging a lot. Most of which are divided into 6 forms, including polyethylene terephthalate plastic. Polypropylene plastic Polyvinyl chloride plastic High density polyethylene plastic Low density polyethylene plastic and polystyrene plastic 2. Paper packaging Packaging Paper is made from different types of pulp with different properties. Depends on the quality of the paper used. The highlight is that it is environmentally friendly and biodegradable packaging. Can be recycled 3. Glass packaging The glass packaging production process is produced through a heat process. to form into the desired shape The glass will be clear. Can be made into various colors as desired. It can be said that it is a packaging that emphasizes beauty, luxury, but can be easily broken as well. Therefore, it is not suitable to be used for transportation. 4. Aluminum packaging Aluminum packaging is the strongest and it is durable to other factors such as weather conditions, foreign objects, and others, making it last for a long time. Often seen in products such as ready-made food or canned drinks, blister pack etc. How does packaging help promote marketing? Packaging, a tool that can communicate marketing Promote marketing very well Because you can type messages. or detailed information on the packaging, as well as being able to design stickers to place on the packaging in order to help create recognition for customers as well. Summary of the article It can be seen that packaging is very important to doing business, whether it is to protect products, make them safe, easy to transport, or add interest to products. Makes it easier for consumers to remember product brands and decide to buy products. For any entrepreneurs interested in designing quality packaging, we recommend choosing A factory that produces packaging that has experiences and will make packaging design add value to the product, increase customer satisfaction and is a great help in promoting the marketing of products

Get to know food packaging, an important helper for the food industry.

Get to know food packaging, an important helper for the food industry. The definition of “packaging” is the use of any kind of material as a container to package things inside. with various purposes Whether it is safe Maintaining product quality, beauty, and ease of use of the product as well. In the food industry business, Food Packaging is considered an important help in making consumers able to access their products. Today, Flexi-Pack will introduce you to food packaging or Food Packaging, what it is and how to use it. What materials can be used? And what standards should food business owners pay attention to? What is food packaging or food packaging? Food packaging or Food Packaging is a type of packaging that has been invented and developed to specifically support food products, whether it is food ingredients Fresh meat, vegetables, fruits and processed foods It is important that food packaging is clean and free of contaminants that are most harmful to humans. The main functions and benefits of food packaging The main function of food packaging is more than just packaging food products inside. Because good packaging must be clean and pure. Because it is a product that consumers use to eat, manufacturers must consider cleanliness and safety as their number one priority. which is an important norm resulting in other properties as follows 1. Protect the goods or food products inside.  Product protection in this type of packaging must cover the preservation of nutritional value. Maintaining product quality from external weather conditions Prevent foreign substances such as dust, contaminants, insects, etc., so that the product is in a condition ready to be opened and eaten immediately. and processed into food menus 2. Convenient to transport and store. Good food packaging must be very conducive to transporting goods. Because each type of product or food has different storage limitations. The business owner must design the packaging and specify the material specifications to be in line with the product as much as possible. So that transportation and storage can be done fully without affecting the quality of the product. 3. Can be marketed through packaging In addition to storing and protecting products Packaging is also an important tool used for marketing. Because the first thing consumers will see before the actual product is the packaging. The more interesting the external appearance. and product labeling with complete and clear information Both factors can help make it more attractive to consumers and make purchasing decisions easier. Food packaging materials that are popular today In the food packaging industry, A variety of materials have been used in production. Each type has advantages, disadvantages, and limitations in use. and responds to use with products that have different appearances All materials are detailed as follows. 1. Plastic material Plastic is one of the most popular materials used to make food packaging because it has durable properties. Some plastics can withstand high heat. It has a dense material that does not allow air and moisture to pass through, which can cause food quality to deteriorate. In addition, plastic is lightweight. And can be produced according to the desired shape and pattern. Examples of Plastic for food packaging that are commonly used to produce packaging include polyethylene terephthalate, polyethylene, polyvinyl. chloride, polypropylene, polystyrene, etc. Due to the variety of plastic types, it is one of the most popular materials used in the industry. 2. Paper material Paper is a relatively new alternative material today. It started from paying attention to the degradation process of these materials. Because as everyone understands about plastics, there is a longer natural degradation process. and may have negative effects on the environment in the future Therefore, paper is picked up as a new alternative packaging that does not have to worry about degradation. And can be recycled as well. In terms of food packaging properties, it can be done to a certain extent. But may not be as durable or not as versatile as plastic. 3. Glass material Glass is another material that has been popular for a long time. because it is a beautiful material that looks luxurious and premium Suitable for beverages, processed foods and snacks, etc. The glass can be reused many times. without causing harm to consumers but the disadvantage of this type of packaging is fragility. When hit or dropped, it breaks immediately. It is not as flexible as plastic and paper materials and has a higher production cost. 4. Metal material Finally, with metal materials. It is a food packaging that is strong and resistant to corrosion because the metal body has been modified to be resistant to corrosion from oxygen and some chemicals. have a long service life It is popular for packaging soft drink products. Some types of processed food Can be recycled Food packaging certification standards that must be given priority To give trust to consumers All types of food packaging must pass certification standards from government and private agencies such as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) that controls management processes and hygiene within industrial plants and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System) that controls Manage food safety systems By controlling the critical control points (CCP) of production to guarantee that consumers will receive safety in use in terms of food cleanliness and free from any contaminants. Food Packaging Summary Food Packaging is the most important solution for food industry businesses because it is the only way that business owners can pass on products or goods to consumers in perfect condition and maintain complete nutritional value. Therefore, in selecting raw materials such as Plastic for food packaging and other suitable materials, design the packaging to be consistent with the product and certification standards of the packaging. This is something that business owners must do a lot of homework on. For any business owner looking for a packaging solution provider and innovative products that meet your needs. Flexi-Pack, Thailand’s leading packaging manufacturer, is ready to be a part of helping to grow your industrial business with a variety of packaging products. Along with care and advice throughout the service, in order for the business to grow steadily

Know the benefits of packaging that entrepreneurs should not overlook.

Know the benefits of packaging that entrepreneurs should not overlook. Packaging is something that entrepreneurs should not overlook. If you want the product to be popular in the market at present, it can be said that the competition is very high, so beautiful packaging has become something that every product must have. To increase its role to meet marketing needs even more There must be new, innovative, cutting-edge innovations to make the products sell well. Most of the products you see will focus on design. To be modern and make it interesting In order to meet the marketing needs as much as possible Let’s go over the benefits of packaging and design techniques. The benefits of packaging are more than just products packaging 1. Protect products safely Keep the product safe of course, every type of product must have good packaging to help protect the product. Which must be a packaging box that does not damage the product or a malfunction and most importantly, the products in the box. It has to be maintained. In order to make customers receive good and effective products. 2. Help attract consumers’ attention helps to attract consumers’ attention to have package design that are interesting and look good modern outstanding It can be called another thing that can be created for products. Answers marketing needs very well. Creating beautiful packaging will surely help create a market for customers to be more interested in the product. 3. Introduce the benefits and information of the product. In addition to having good packaging. There must be a good product promotion as well. In order to be a wizard to make the packaging look more interesting Sometimes there must be an event. or give a discount to help increase sales in each festival It will make the product meet the needs of the market. and more memorable 4. It’s a good marketing tool. In addition to the packaging, it will help protect the product from damage. Another important benefit of packaging is that it adds value to the product. It is necessary to have a unique packaging design. Make others remember. If done well, it can add more value to the product. Introducing packaging design techniques that can be applied. Easy-to-use box: In addition, to being considerate to help prevent damage must also take into the application on how the use, the package should be designed in order to make it easy for customers to use clearly, what the box is, such as dietary supplements. The function of the box must be designed. Make the brand message look interesting. More than other brands. Colorful, outstanding and interesting: It is very important that the color tone of the packaging should be emphasized to be different and outstanding. You should choose to use a type of paper box to help make the packaging look even more eye-catching. For example, if it’s a cosmetics box, you should add color and must use glossy coated paper to make it stand out etc. Present all necessary information: You should select necessary information. Do not include too much information in a limited number of boxes. When information is displayed on the packaging that shows the highlights Outstanding properties of the product trade mark that guarantees quality Just this can make your products sell well. Create a memorable image for customers: it can be said that it is equally important. It should be designed so that customers remember the brand well. When talking about brand names You can immediately think of the packaging box. In order to make customers come back to buy again. which design techniques Focus on adding color to the box to make it unique. simple logo It will help create a good memory for customers. Summary of the article When seeing the benefits of packaging, no one would deny that packaging is not important to business. We can tell that to do some business, it is something that you should not miss. It is very important.

What is food grade packaging?

Packaging is considered an important thing that makes products look beautiful, increases the price, and also helps protect the contents inside as well. There are many types of packaging. But one type that should be paid special attention to is food grade, or packaging suitable for containing food or medicine that has a beneficial effect on consumers. and have a positive impact on the world so as not to waste time Let’s take everyone to get to know more about food grade packaging. Get to know food grade (Food Grade) Food grade is a ranking of packaging quality that is suitable for food and medicine. or is suitable for consumption There are no chemicals involved in the production of the packaging. This allows those who purchase the product to be confident that it is absolutely safe for consumers. How important is food grade in packaging? Choosing to use food grade packaging shows that the seller cares a lot about the consumer. Once consumed, it is 100% safe. Choosing this type of packaging will create a good image for the brand that cares about consumers. Food grade packaging is considered a production that focuses on being environmentally friendly. Because these packaging can also be recycled. What types of businesses is food grade suitable for? For food grade packaging, it is suitable for many types of businesses and products. that consumers must use for eating, applying, and many others, which can be summarized as follows food drink drug food supplement cosmetics Food grade materials that are popular today 1. Paper Paper counts as many things. Brands often choose to use it in packaging. The obvious paper is the choice of brown kraft paper. that may be used as a food bag or put products that make it appear to add value and most importantly, it shows good environmental friendliness. because it can be digested naturally 2. PP : (POLYPROPYLENE) Polypropylene is a plastic that is safe, tough, and can be molded into various shapes. This type of packaging is often suitable for use in food packaging. whether it is a square box or it can be a plastic bowl with a lid as well. which can be heated in the microwave but not suitable for reheating frozen food Basically, this type of selection should be food that is already cooked. Put containers and deliver more than 3. PET : (Polyethylene Terephthalate) Polyethylene Terephthalate is considered a quality plastic that is tough, durable, flexible, resistant to impact. This plastic is usually suitable for packaging drinking water. Drinks and food containers, etc. In addition, it is also suitable for coating food boxes as well. But if it’s plastic, it shouldn’t be exposed to heat. because it will dissolve 4. HDPE : (High Density Polyethylene) Hi-Density Polyethylene It is considered durable plastic. Highly flexible Reduces shock very well Can withstand heat to a certain extent. and can withstand cold to a certain extent If it’s too hot, this plastic will melt. But if it’s too cold, this plastic can become brittle and break. Most of them are made into bags for storing things. and then molded into gallon bottles 5. LDPE : (Low density polyethylene) Lowden City Polyethylene It is considered very durable. Resistant to tearing force very well Not brittle and easily broken Suitable for use in cold items such as storage bags or commonly known as cooler bags. frozen food bag in terms of heat, it will be less bearable. But it’s not that I couldn’t stand it until it melted immediately. In conclusion, food grade is considered the safest packaging for consumers. There is no need to be afraid of chemicals or contaminants and if you are looking for a brand that provides service packaging production We recommend that you come and use the services of Flexi-Pack, experts in packaging design to meet your needs. and can be used for business with a beautiful and impressive image.

Want to own a brand? How to start and become successful?

This era is considered a fierce business competition. Both old and new businesses You must find a way to create products and services that stand out and are unique. Or call attention to create trends and create sales. For anyone who wants to be Brand owner but don’t know where to start What should I study? One thing to prepare first is willpower. Once you’ve made up your mind, you can read them together. Including strategies for new brand owners who want to do business 1. Find products that suit your business. When running a product-related business, it’s important that you know what you’re selling first. Will it be a manufactured product or not? Is it an imported product for sale? And how much knowledge do we have about the products that will be sold? Because if you do not have knowledge or expertise in your product business It can cause your business to go in the wrong direction. Therefore, searching for products to sell and we love the products we sell, which is the best thing about doing business. and it is important that Brand owner must always be taken into account 2. Thoroughly study the market, target groups and competitors. Once we know what products to sell, we have studied the market and target groups. And competitors are very important. First of all, we must be sure how our products can meet the needs of customers. Who will the product be sold to? These things if you have a lot of knowledge. It will reduce the risk of not being successful. However, it is important to study competitors. One thing not to do is undercut. But what should be done? Brand owner should raise the level of the product more and studying competitors in case they make mistakes. Let’s use it as a lesson so that we don’t do that too. 3. Create a concept and story for your brand. To make a brand memorable is to determine what the product concept will be and what it will be about. And can create a story for the brand that has an interesting history. Or you may use ideas that indicate the brand to create a story to attract customers to buy products. And if placed here well, in the future the product will not be just a product. But the product becomes part of the buyer. Or the brand’s fan club was created. 4. Choose a channel for marketing and distributing products. In the next part, you must first think about where the marketing channels will be sold, mainly at the storefront. or sell on various social media but the best marketing is to spread brand information as much as possible. and have channels to distribute products quickly This is something you have to think about. 5. Manage cost budgets and expenses accordingly. After having a rough plan, what will be sold, how much money does each part need to pay? In this work, it is necessary to calculate costs, expenses, and taxes to be It is recommended that you take these 3 things into consideration first. Then gradually add the product price to the additional profit. 6. Look for the right factories and business partners. When we have developed a certain level of product our selves and the need to expand production, looking for a factory or a partner to do business is a very interesting thing. Which selection should choose a factory or a partner who has knowledge about products that Brand owner Always create products that respond to the target groups?

How to start selling online?

How to start selling online? In this article, Flexi-Pack will recommend as you are a beginner who wants to sell online. How to start? How should I prepare? Both in terms of funds, knowledge and various important processes in doing business online. Franchise business tree square composition with character of male businessman watering money tree with coins storefronts vector illustration Want to sell things online? How to start? 1. Look for products or services you want to sell. The first thing that you need to prepare for selling online for beginners is Looking for a product or service that you want to sell. Which should be based on the preferences or interests of the seller. Because when the seller understands the needs of the target group It will make it possible to accurately target customers who are interested in this type of product. 2. Consider the cost various risks The next rank is Finding products from wholesale sources or manufacturers that offer good prices. because in addition to saving costs It also allows the seller to ask for product advice from knowledgeable people as well. But if you do not know the source of the product and accept the product to resell may ask or talk to the person who received the item for advice on where to source products or the type of product that should be sold which if talking together It may be possible to get more business partners as well. 3. Make a marketing plan When specifying the products, you want to sell and find a wholesale source that offers a good price. The next rank is marketing planning to attract customers to be interested in our shop Create a store name that is easy to remember. and communicates the products or services being sold Set the product price in accordance with the quality of the product. and the purchasing power of the target audience Make promotional promotions such as store opening promotions, free shipping, buy 1 get 1 free, etc. Advertise on various platforms to make our brand more visible to customers. 4. Choose a sales channel. Determine product sales channels to match the target group. It must be considered that Through what channels are our target groups likely to search for or purchase the same types of products that we sell? It should also make our sales channels across platforms look trustworthy and interesting. To give customers confidence and increase the chance that our store will receive attention and ultimately lead to an order 5. Shipping method At present, there are delivery channels for both government and private sectors. and private sectors to choose from each company will have different strengths and weaknesses, so you should choose the shipping company that best meets the needs of your products. In addition, consideration should be given to the design and production of packaging. That helps preserve the quality of products from transportation as much as possible, such as glass products. The packaging should be designed to be tight. Supports shock well or products that are fresh or frozen food, you should choose packaging that helps preserve the coolness and quality of the food. Including choosing a company that offers transportation services by refrigerated vehicles, etc. How to start? What do you need to prepare for? New traders, don’t forget to use this information in preparation. So that you are truly ready to sell online. The most important thing that should be paid attention to is the Packaging that indicates our store and the quality of the products delivered to the hands of customers because that’s good for credibility and the image of our shop that we send to customers.

The advantages of product sealing that entrepreneur must know!

Most consumers when choosing to buy a product, no matter what type. You will want products that have product seals, which can show that the products you have chosen are really new. No one has unpacked or used it before. It will help make a decision to buy more products. But in fact, there are many other advantages. If anyone owns a business that produces their own products, product sealing is therefore very important. What is product sealing? Product sealing is the act of encapsulating products in packaging or packaging. by choosing to use a thin shrink film. There is some clarity and turbidity. At this point it is also about the flexibility of the shrink film type. The film when heated will shrink and wrap the product according to the shape of the packaging. Advantages of product sealing that entrepreneur must know. Helps protect products from dirt and UV rays. For product sealing, it helps to protect the product from dirt such as dust that may enter the product or packaging. which in this section will help to store the product, preventing various dusts from entering as well and can also prevent UV rays that may affect the product in terms of quality Sealing the product is therefore very important. It is strong and durable. Product sealing will increase durability for some types of products. For example, Bottled products are sold in packs. It can be seen that the shrink film is used that is tough and durable, making many bottles of product in the same place. It can be stored at room temperature or cold temperature where there is no need to fear that the shrink film that seals will melt. Prevent counterfeiting of products In sealing the product, it will show that the product received is new. But if it is removed the product itself may cause counterfeiting. For example, food seals, if found to be tampered with, buyers will immediately avoid purchasing them. various medical supplies If you find that the seal has been broken, you can avoid using it as well. At this point, the use of used products will be prevented. or prevent people from mixing things or transfer some of the products from the packaging Makes product details clearly visible To seal some products that need to be used to seal the coating, such as various foods. which is packaged very well at this point, buyers will be able to clearly see what’s inside. and decide whether to buy or not Easy to store products When it has been sealed, in any form, it will help to keep the product more organized. Convenient to pick up and take out of the warehouse easily, for example, if the seal is a dozen packs with many products, it will be convenient to move and transport in a short time. Or if sealing products that are in the shape of a bottle or sphere It will help in stacking them very well. Convenient, easy to use To seal products with shrink film, it is considered to be very easy to use and convenient. Normally, the manufacturing plant already has a sealing machine. The sealing machine will help seal the product to fit the product. for easy storage or even transportation Customers are confident that they will receive new products. Product sealing, the most obvious thing is that customers are confident that they will definitely get new products. because if the seal is found to be opened, of course the customer will not buy and thought that it was not a new product or even if it’s a new product but without a seal, it may unknowingly reduce the likelihood of customers buying. Summarize the advantages of sealing products Sealing the product, whatever it is, is considered a good thing. That will help make your products always look new because they are not unpacked. And most importantly, it also protects and maintains products or packaging to be strong and durable. and can be easily stored Therefore, it is not surprising that many Brands that need to distribute products must have a seal first. And if sending online channels is very important Because if the seal has not been opened but damage is found, the product can be claimed from the store where it was purchased.