One Stop Packaging Solution


Flexi-Pack Group is one of the leading flexible packaging products manufacturer and exportor in Thailand. Products such as EPE foam, EPE Foam Insulation,air bubble, air bubble Insulation, PP corrugated board(PP Future Board), static shielding film, MBB Bag,polyolefin film /(POF), BOPP Film,PVC foodwrap and PVC/PET shrink label,VCI Antirust Bag,LDPE,HDPE,Blister Foil,PVDC,Protection Tape etc.

Shrink Label

Shrink label are used to prevent packed materials from moisture, grime and damage during storage. These can be used to seal the caps of the bottles and jars from the neck to avoid the possibilities of adulteration.

Feel Media: expressing all the passion towards a product customer wishes to convey, carefully and scrupulously. Through packaging wrapped in beauty with delicate touch and comfortable temperature, each package transforms into a media that appeals for the product itself vividly. Creating a very intimate media that would like to feel and touch.

Application: For Personal Care, Dairy, Beverages & food products Thickness: 0.030mm-0.050mm